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Web Applications, SQL Server Migration, and Content Management Systems (CMS)
Our team of skilled programmers and software designers will build a custom software solution tailored for your business.
SQL Upgrades, SQL Server Installations, and SQL Server Security
Are you looking to get up and running with SQL Server? We will install, upgrade, and secure your SQL Server installations.
Database Maintenance, SQL Server Performance Tuning, and Data Cleansing
Do you have a slow database, or has your database become a victim of SQL Injection? We can help with that too!

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About Sql Server Programmers

Our clients can be found both locally in the Chicagoland area and throughout the country. We have over 18 years of experience and are extremely proud of our track record of successfully assisting hundreds of our clients to improve their productivity while focusing on cost.

Microsoft Certified Partner

Chicago's Leading Microsoft SQL Server Database Consultants and Application Developers

Welcome to SQL Server Programmers

We’re glad you’re here. We at SQL Server Programmers have years of experience and have determined that Microsoft SQL Server is the #1 database of choice for many businesses. From companies with just a few employees to massive global corporations, they all rely on SQL Server to manage their data.

Microsoft SQL Server Consulting and Database Development

We are Chicago based Microsoft SQL Server Consultants who provide business software solutions. We can seamlessly upgrade older versions of SQL Server, so that your business productivity and opportunities both can increase. Distance is not a factor when working with us, since we are able to connect to computers remotely, via the internet.

Our Microsoft certified SQL Server Consultants help you choose the right, up-to-date technology that fits your business. We resolve issues, provide reliable information resources, and help you make better decisions.

Microsoft SQL Database Consulting Services

SQL Programmers provide an array of SQL database services,

  • Develop a strategic plan, incorporating your usage and requirements.
  • Provide Support for any version of SQL Server, such as Microsoft SQL server 2000, 2003, 2005 and 2008.
  • Find and fix errors in existing business applications and offer SQL performance tuning to improve your database performance.
  • Develop Business Applications in dot net, VB, C, C#, using SQL server as a back end database.
  • Install, upgrade, and/or secure your SQL server database.
  • Help convert databases, e.g. Access to SQL

Featured Case Studies

Centralized system to manage catalog

The Titles Management database provides the company with a centralized system to manage their catalog.

Health care database in SQL server 2005

Health care database enables the staff and their patients to efficiently track all maternal healthcare data via an internet connection.