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SQL Server Upgrade Advisor Tool 

SQL Server upgrade advisor is an upgrade tool, which assist you to identify the issues while upgrading SQL Server to the higher versions. These issues have to be fixed after or before upgrade. This tool is used to assess the available SQL... read more

Upgrading SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2012 

To successfully upgrade from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2012, the user should start by listing down the complexities of the application. An upgrade should be treated as a project: with proper planning and testing. Difficulties in the upgrading ... read more

HTML5 Introduction 

HTML5 It is a new standard for HTML Cleaner markup Full fill the need of Web application Geo Location Support Client Side database It will not support old browsers. Supports only modern... read more

Configuration Functions in 2012 

Configuration Functions in SQL server returns the current configuration setting of the SQL Server. The following are the scalar functions available in Sql Server 2012 to return the configuration settings. 1. @@DATEFIRST It will return the ... read more

Application State in 

Application state is a data repository used to store data on the application machine. The data is stored in the memory and can be easily retrieved. It acts as a global variable shared by multiple users or sessions. A small portion of often used... read more

List View and Data Pager Control in 

Paging in a website plays a vital role in web application development. The default paging supports in are Grid View and DataGrid. The page control “Datapager” was introduced in 3.5 version. Datapager will work only when the... read more

Report Grouping & Sorting 

Reports are used to view information in a user friendly manner. The relational data refers to one-to-many relationship between records that are stored in separate tables. This relational data can be viewed easily with grouping and sorting options ... read more

C# Class Library 

Class library is made up of a single or many files used by a programmer when developing an application program. A file in a library can have one or more classes. All the classes should be implemented with a behaviour which can be accessed to the... read more

C# 4.0 New Features 

C# is an important language and continuously developing language of Microsoft. Each version of C# has new features included in it. This article explains the new C# 4.0 features that improves code clarity and helps to control LINQ to object... read more

SQL Server 2008 – HierarchyID 

The HierarchyID data type is one of the new features in SQL server 2008. This data type allows storing and querying the hierarchical data easily. Hierarchical data is a set of data related to each other by hierarchical relationships. When one... read more
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