SQL Server Performance Tuning

Trying to tune up your Microsoft SQL Server? Should you use a multi-threaded server? Are your SQL statements optimized? Can your SQL Server handle workloads at peak times?

Performance tuning in SQL Server 

Performance tuning in SQL Server is an area where our experts excel. We know what to look for on any version of SQL you have installed.

The Most Important Payoffs for SQL Server performance tuning are quicker response times and happier, more productive personnel. Perhaps the default settings of a SQL Server database instance may not work for your environment - a bad fit means bad performance.

SQL optimization and performance tuning

SQL optimization and performance tuning is our business. We have SQL performance tuning tips that will apply to your case. Contact our performance tuning team to realize real improvement.

What are some symptoms addressed by a typical tune up?

  • Overlarge Log Files
  • Memory Problems
  • Deadlocking
  • Invalid Indexing
  • Slow Query Response
  • Processing Bottlenecks

What SQL performance tuning steps would we take?

  • Shrink Log Files
  • Assess Deadlocking
  • Normalize Tables
  • Repair Linkages
  • Analyze Relationships
  • Share Performance Monitoring Results
  • SQL Query Analysis and Optimization
  • Delete Obsolete Views
  • Check Referential Integrity
  • Strategize and Prioritize Solutions
  • Address Stored Procedures
  • Analyze Primary and Foreign Keys
  • Assess Usefulness of Triggers
  • Target Critical Applications
  • Understand the Business Process

If issues like these are dragging down your overall enterprise performance, it’s time to take action.  Our experts consult with your subject matter experts to address key priorities first and realize incremental improvements that really help. Contact our performance tuning team today.

You might ask, “How did I get here?”

SQL Server installations tend to grow organically -- a growth spurt here, a growth spurt there – and over time some pruning becomes a necessity. SQL Server performance tuning is the answer when overgrown databases slow down and become unreliable. Sure you can grow your garden by buying the lot next door – i.e. invest in more hardware – but before you take such a drastic step, call in an expert for consultation.

“What can I do to improve the situation?”

SQL Server performance tuning begins with our technology experts, but we also have expertise in analyzing your database design. Our business analysis and industry experts connect with your subject matter experts to move beyond initial improvements in SQL server performance tuning and on to real efficiencies. SQL server query performance tuning distilled down leads to one conclusion: outdated or unimproved database design is at the core of poor performance.

Leave it to the experts! Contact SQL Programmers Performance Tuning Team now to tune up your database.

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